What’s in a name

I’ve noticed that many folk on embracing their trans gender have taken the opportunity to choose a new name. And naturally I will do likewise.

However I like and respect the names my parents chose for their son so have simply ‘feminised’ these to Antonia Michele. Initially it was my intention to be known as Michele; I certainly like the name and it marks a real difference from the boy name of Tony (Anthony) by which I am known. However I am pondering maybe making life easy for everyone by simply sticking with Toni (Antonia) so those who choose not to use my female name will be thwarted; Tony and Toni both sound the same.


9 thoughts on “What’s in a name

      1. I know what you mean re: “cop-out”. I felt the same way; I would love “Bethany Marie”, but decided against it because that’s a name my wife wanted to use, should we have a baby girl. Too much baggage.


  1. I considered asking my parents if they wanted to choose me new name, but I couldn’t work out if that was being considerate or just putting them on a very weird spot… I ended up just picking I name I think they would have approved of, but I guess in this situation every solution is a choice between greater or lesser awkwardness. Coincidentally, I would have been an “Antonia” myself had I feminised my name.

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