I read this story on the Independent today with mounting incredulity and then anger.

Lola Phoenix was born female with a rare congenital brain condition known as septo-optic dysplasia which stopped her body producing male and female sex hormones. She was given sex hormones from the age of 12 to help her develop “normally” as a girl. When it became clear that teenager Lola did not identify as either a woman or a man, Lola stopped taking the hormones. Some time later, Lola started taking the medication again and her chest “ballooned”. Lola is now seeking to get the breasts reduced on the basis that they are “out of line with my agender identity”.

Referred to the Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) in London, which has now refused the request for breast reduction surgery due to Lola’s refusal to identify as either male or female.

Quite why this should matter is beyond me. This person has a case for breast reduction. Whether they identify as female, male or neither is hardly relevant.

The Charing Cross GIC is run by the West London Mental Health Trust. Quite why, I don’t know. Surely the appropriate course of “treatment” for those of us needing to align our gender is hormonal or surgical. We are not mentally ill.

What I have taken away from this sorry tale is that I better not think of myself as being anything other than 100% female. For this GIC – and I suspect others – the notion of gender fluidity is unacceptable. For them gender is binary. You are either male or female, you can never be a mixture of both. Welcome to the ‘flat earth’ society.

I understand that it’ll be a year before I get my appointment, despite support from my GP. Time to get clear on my strategy and put the best possible plans in place to achieve my goals. Any advice is always welcome.


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