A cold dose of reality?

It’s rare that anything in life runs smoothly and so it really shouldn’t be a surprise that transition would be a bumpy road.

I’ve been heartened by sensing that maybe, just maybe, I could see Michele tentatively emerging from my male face only today being forced to realise just how long and hard this journey will be. My face today is stubbornly Tony, I know my voice is going to be a really tough one to modify (I’m a pretty deep bass). We were out with several friends last evening and I felt that Michele just wouldn’t be welcomed or understood, especially by the women. I hope I will be proved wrong.

Now I also know that I am better off than many. I have a loving and supportive wife, I know many transitioning are doing so without that support. My heart goes out to you.



6 thoughts on “A cold dose of reality?

  1. It will get better. I despaired of ever seeing Eleanor, and now a year down the line I see her all the time. She is no Ingrid Bergman, I will grant you, but she is a markedly different (and far more personable) being than the last soul to inhabit this body. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I do recommend starting electrolysis as soon as feasible. It does feminise the lower face more than one might expect.


  2. Just for your consideration: here in America right now there is discussion in the community about how far we should go to make ourselves into what society expects of us. This goes for the voice in particular, but even as far as whether to tuck/gaff. I’m listening to both sides right now. Fortunately I have a tenor voice and have been called ma’am over the phone before (imagine how that made my day!). But the issue seems to be whether to simply be true to ourselves as women, or try to mold ourselves to what others feel we should look and sound. I’m mixed. I prefer to blend if possible (I don’t, particularly), not to cause distress to those who aren’t accepting; on the other hand… fuck them. I should be allowed to be me. By the time I figure everything out I’ll be too old to enjoy it! LOL. Life is fun.

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  3. I was surprised at how well I was accepted by female friends; it’s as if you’re joining a club. Although in effect I was asking to be a member, I was welcomed with open arms.

    Perhaps it’ll be the same for you.


    1. Thanks Deb

      My wife is part of a local Morris side (traditional English dance and music) and almost all the men and women have been very accepting. That’s also been true of a couple of friends who we are ‘out’ to. So hopefully I will experience the acceptance of which you speak. Sometimes our fears prove groundless.


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