Ooh, I’m registered with the Gender Clinic

So a month after my GP submits the paperwork and the blood test results I’ve just received an acknowledgement. Included is a form I need to complete and return within 4 weeks, otherwise I will need a new referral this time from a psychiatrist! For a ‘condition’ treated by hormones! Let’s get into the 21st century please.

When I’ve returned my form I can expect a minimum of a 13 month delay before meeting 2 clinicians and being considered for hormone treatment. I am fortunate that I now have a private prescription for hormones plus monitoring, so I don’t have to take the risks associated with self-medicating as most do. So given that both my GP and a second UK doctor who specialises in working with transgender folk consider that I am sane, logical and realistic in my actions, I could be tempted to forget the bureaucracy that passes for a Gender Clinic if it wasn’t for having the medication (and the more costly monitoring) paid for by my taxes rather than directly from my pocket.

This does at least give me a time frame in which to work. Assuming I am likely to be seen around March 2017 suggests I might work towards living full time female from say Christmas 2016, by when hopefully the hormones will be causing some visible changes.

For those of you who are some months into your hormone programme, sweet ladies, just what might I hope for?


2 thoughts on “Ooh, I’m registered with the Gender Clinic

  1. One point of anecdata:

    I am almost 6 months in, lower dose due to my age .. .2mg estradiol patches and 50mg spiro taken 2x daily.

    My skin is thinner and drier; my body hair has slowed its growth remarkably; my mental outlook (by far the most important thing) is much improved — I am far more emotionally resilient, more peaceful, and happy. Physical development has been slow — breast buds came in around three months but didn’t progress very far, which could be due to the exercise routine I am on (quite strenuous). Facially, because I smile more and because my skin has gotten better, I am looking more feminine, helped by the longer hair framing my face.


    1. Thanks Deb, that’s very helpful.

      I am also on 2mg Estradiol and 5mg Finasteride daily. After a month, I sense is that my skin is drier and sometimes feels softer. I do feel happier and call the pills my ‘happy pills’.


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