Film and gender

My wife and I were chatting over lunch, discussing possible films for a community cinema we both help to run.

Our discussion ranged over a number of titles that will become available shortly to non theatrical venues in the UK. We included films like Brooklyn, Carol, The Lady in the Van. The Danish Girl. My wife expressed the view that all these were ‘female’ films. Not quite my words, I felt they were ‘girlie’ films, appealing more to women than men.

Unsurprisingly I loved all these more than Bridge of Spies for example. We’ve recently screened 45 Years (about a marriage under strain) and Suffragette, both I think films appealing more to women; loved them both. We’re about to show ‘A Little Chaos’ in tribute to Alan Rickman. It’s lovely gentle film about a woman who designed and built part of the garden at Versailles. I reckon that’s a woman’s film.

So is there a gender to film and might that help to predict our true gender? ย What are your favourite films?


2 thoughts on “Film and gender

  1. It is very easy to generalise just what is or is not a film that appeals to men or women exclusively and we make the mistske of applying stereotypes. Though we are possibly the one group that will confound the stereotype image. Loved Suffragette, The Lay In The Van was OK but Mrs M hated it and fell asleep in the cinema. Not seen The Danish Girl and would not go to the cinema for it as I feel it is a little obvious. I do look gorward to its DVD release. Ultimatly irrespective of gender, film, like music us very much a personal taste. BTW loved The Help esp the 50s / 60s fashion.


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