Orchidectomy…looking for advice and information


My gender doctor has commented that Orchidectomy (the removal of the testes) can be a sensible choice, the best thing is to always weigh up the risks and benefits of anything we do and we have to make sure any risks of an operation are worth it compared with taking pills.

There is information here for cancer patients but I haven’t found anything specifically for us transwomen.

I am seriously considering this operation and would welcome thoughts, comments and experiences. If you are in the UK and can suggest surgeons, that would be wonderful.

Much love




6 thoughts on “Orchidectomy…looking for advice and information

      1. I’m prescribed Estradiol and no T-blockers at all. Removing the testes will not increase the amount of Oestrogen in your system needed to kickstart body changes, it will only reduce the testosterone level. Out of interest what are “the risks of testosterone and of using a t-blocker”?

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      2. It’s interesting how different doctors prescribe. I read of folk given a 3 month injection of a t-blocker followed by oestrogen from month 4. Of others like me prescribed a low dose oestrogen plus t-blocker. And now you with no t-blocker.

        My doctors website talks about how testosterone will convert excess oestrogen to testosterone which I took as a warning to not overdose. Using a t-blocker does put a slight additional pressure on the liver which is part of my reasoning for removing the testes, plus removing the testes helps avoid ‘male’ risks like prostate cancer and of course testicular.

        I am no doctor and it would be interesting to pursue this line of investigation.


  1. This is my thought as well. I’m not hating my equipment; I just hate what testosterone has done to my body, and would like to stop taking my T-blockers at some point.

    I do know that in the US, insurance companies may frown on this, as they expect a transsexual to want SRS at some point and tend to be unwilling to fully pay for two surgeries. Not sure how that’d be looked on in the UK.


    1. Thanks Deb,

      That’s a lot behind my thinking. Just seems crazy to take a pill to (help) block testosterone when I can remove the source.

      I assume the op is a little more complex than a vasectomy and that was a breeze (I was lucky maybe).


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