Follow this Mr Cameron

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has pledged a new series of legislation aimed at expanding the country’s gender recognition laws. The new laws, which are to roll out from 2016 to 2021, will allow trans and intersex individuals to self-declare gender, and will also allow under-18s to legally change their gender. The plans also include the implementation of an ‘X’ gender on passports, and will aim to introduce a pro-LGBTQ+ curriculum into primary school education.

From the LGBTQ+ News Roundup on The Queerness


4 thoughts on “Follow this Mr Cameron

  1. That does sound encouraging. But as with all things politics and politician, I have to go with my usual approach. Wait for it! It is sometimes hard to interpret the motives of individuals that have a “personal agenda” in something. Seems like these days, with politicians, it’s always “let Me show You a better way to go about your lives”. I mean seriously? The politicians want to be able to control the thermostat in MY home! That doesn’t sound like a “public servant”! That sounds a lot like a jailer! How about you leave my thermostat alone you “public busybodies”! 🙂 How about ensuring the law requires builders to build homes that meet BETTER building standards? I mean really. I toured a 3 million dollar home recently. It was worth three million. Almost EVERY window in the place had drafts coming through the window frames! The politicians should stop telling ALL of us how to be good people and lead good lives. I believe we pay the public servants to take care of the people that behave BADLY and get them off our streets until they have redeemed themselves or keep them locked up until the do!


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