What is your Gender?

A big pat on the back to Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.

I attended a public consultation yesterday in the future development of healthcare in our region. Pretty average meeting in most ways. And like many such meetings we were invited to complete an Equality Monitoring Form.

And that’s when my heart skipped a beat.

Alongside all the usual stuff about age and ethnic group was this question on gender. And this time they really meant gender, not sex.

Q2: What is your Gender?




Prefer not to say




6 thoughts on “What is your Gender?

  1. The only pat on the back I’d give them is the one that comes out of a cow. Transgender is not a gender identity. Male, female, bigender, genderqueer etc. are genders identities. Transgender is descriptive of a person who identifies with a gender other than the one assigned at birth, not a gender in its own right. This list implies that transgender is neither male nor female but something else.
    Imagine if the list said “Male / female / cisgender / rather not say”. That would be ridiculous. “Male / female / trans” is no less ridiculous.

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    1. Fair comment. When I identify as transgender to my GP, I am saying my needs are different to a male patient or a female patient in that I am seeking medical support for my transition. I may identify as female but my needs are different from those of a cis gendered female.

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      1. I think telling your doctor you are trans is not that different from telling your doctor you’ve got a stomach upset, or a sore leg – giving him or her information about your condition so you can get the appropriate treatment. It doesn’t make it a gender identity, unless “bit of a cough” is a gender identity too 😜

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  2. Good Evening Antonia. That is a good sign. I was thinking, wouldn’t it be nice, if the only thing the government COULD ask you, is how old are you?
    Why would the government even NEED to know our genders? Are they afraid we might ask them out on a date, and they don’t want any “surprises”? Are they afraid that we might chastise them for wearing shoes that clash with their clothes? What is it about US having to reveal EVERY aspect of our daily lives to these governments of today yet they are a secretive as the MI6. A government that you have to take to court to get the truth? Enjoy your weekend Dear. Stay Frosty, Play Nice!


  3. I want to move where you live, Antonia! Things are going so much in the right direction there. In America it’s like war has been declared on us. It’s like “well, we’re forced to let them gays get married… we gotta hold the line on them damn men-in-dresses.” It’s quickly becoming scary right now.

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  4. I’m with Kirsty on this; it’s a step on the right direction, but a very clumsy and misinformed one.
    Perhaps as time goes on they’ll come to get a better understanding of what transgender really means. We can only hope.

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