Electrolysis or Laser? It’s not easy being a girl.

I’d been putting this off. Both cost a ton of money and for me like most of us, that is in short supply.

I got thinking about this last evening sparked off by bcass’s comment to Ruth’s blog.

“Hormones are good and stop the noise in the head and they do feminise you a bit, but most feminisation happens between your ears. It is all attitude. Laser or Electro on the beard helps but you can do that any time and regardless of hormones and it will change your face as much as (and maybe more than) hormones.”

I then went looking at local providers of both laser and electrolysis and thanks to the wonders of the web came across this at Transgendercare.com

In many individuals, there are enough active follicles present in the beard to distort the lower face somewhat.  Much of the hard, masculinized features of the lower face are a direct result of the beard.  When looking at the male upper lip area in profile, the bearded area above the lip (moustache area) is often rounded outwards. This rounding is the result of all of the active hair follicles present in the upper lip region. Also, the fleshy area of the lip appears thinner than a female.  This is the result of the fleshy part of the lip being pushed inward by the large amount of active follicles present in the moustache area.  The same effect, to a lesser extent, occurs with the lower lip.  A relationship typically exists between the thickness (often seen as blueness) of the beard and the rounded, thin lipped appearance of the individual.

This same thickening and associated angularity or protrusion occurs around the jaw line and chin as well.  While differences appear between males and females with the bony structure of the lower face, much of the excessive heaviness in the lower face is often the result of the beard.  For this reason, we do not recommend considering facial plastic surgery until the overpowering effects of the beard are first removed.

By contrast, as the beard lessens during the course of treatment, the face changes and begins to look boy-like or feminine. The skin areas around the upper lip (moustache) and lower lip flatten, and the fleshy portions of the lips become more pronounced as they are no longer being pushed inward. The overall heaviness in the lower face decreases and the skin softens.  These effects are accentuated by hormonal therapy changing the texture of the skin and the way in which it drapes over the face.  With proper hormone therapy and sufficient electrolysis, most individuals have a rather feminine appearance in about two years time. 

If that’s the case, I want to get on with destroying Tony’s beard because Michele needs to look her best at all times.

So I am asking for help and advice. If you’ve had this treatment is it effective in feminising  the face and if so, which is best Laser or Electrolysis?


11 thoughts on “Electrolysis or Laser? It’s not easy being a girl.

  1. The conventional advice that my electrologist gives is to get what you can with laser first and use electrolysis for the remainder. Just keep in mind that laser works best with dark hair and fair skin and not at all with gray or white hair.

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  2. I am currently having laser treatments. My 6th treatment was a few weeks ago.

    I find myself growing impatient, waiting for hairs to begin shedding. This takes place around ten days after a treatment. Since about the fourth treatment, shedding hasn’t seemed to be a big deal .. I no longer see a bunch of hairs come out. Truthfully though, that’s because the hairs that are falling out now are much thinner, a result of multiple laser treatments slowly destroying the follicles.

    I have yet to get any electrolysis, but unfortunately that’s in the future since I have many gray hairs that laser just won’t damage well enough to be rid of.

    I don’t know if it’s a combination of HRT and laser, or what weight each of them carries, but I have gotten many comments from people in the know, as well as those who do not know of my transition, that I am looking feminine, and younger.

    My goal in laser treatments is frankly laziness. I do not want to have to wear makeup each and every day to hide the beard shadow; optimally, I would be able to go out and about in daily life with little to no makeup, and be seen for the woman I am.

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  3. I started with IPL, as I wanted to give myself a head start… but results were patchy. I’m now having laser, it’s much better though the upper/lower lip areas are still patchy after 6/7 treatments as hair is so dense. I also have a little white / grey hair on my face and it can’t sort that out, and electrolysis would be recommend for that… at a cost.

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  4. I started electrolysis in 1995 and it has been very successful. I have had laser on my arms and hands and this has been great. I prefer laser to IPL.


  5. I’m exercised by this problem, Michele, as I have really persistent beard/moustache shadow. I had a consultation with a laser clinic. The woman did a ‘test patch’ on my cheek, leaving a brown mark which she assured me would disappear within 24 hours. Well, it didn’t and it hasn’t. Maybe I have particularly sensitive skin. Left me wondering whether electrolysis would be a safer alternative. I have no prospect of ‘passing’ if I’m reliant on shaving alone.

    Great blog, by the way! D.


    1. Hi Dabrela Thanks for your kind words on the blog.

      Not sure what to say re the problem you had with the laser clinic. My hair is too light and my skin too dark for laser to be effective, so electrolysis turned out to be the only option. Its taking forever, some 6 hours plus 2 more on Friday just to work on clearing my upper lip. At this rate I’ll be still doing electro for all of next year!. Can be a bit painful, but what’s a girl to do?


  6. There is one more thing I’d like to say: I started with laser, because I had at least a balance of black hairs that was higher than 50% of the hairs on my face. Now that I’m looking down the barrel of my eighth session (had #7 three weeks ago), I can see that my choice to pursue laser helped in one other department as well:

    I will likely put off electrolysis, at least temporarily. The reason for this is that with the black hairs gone, I will be able to use makeup effectively enough to find a livable, likeable image when I look in the mirror, and really that’s what I’m after .. to resolve the major dysphoria I feel when I see that beard shadow.

    Another very quick note: I find that the beard shadow mentioned above is almost never visible, even without makeup, at this stage.



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