Shame on us, Denmark looks like becoming the first country to stop defining transgender as a mental illness.

From The Independent newspaper.


Danish government officials said classifying transgender people as mentally ill was “stigmatising” and they had “run out of patience” with the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) work on the definition.

Being transgender is officially considered a mental or behavioural disorder by the WHO, although the organisation is currently assessing its guidance.

Danish Social Democrat health spokesman Flemming Moller Mortensen said “The WHO is currently working on a new system for registering diagnoses. It has been working on it for a very, very long time. Now we’ve run out of patience, and want to send out a signal saying that if the system is not changed by October, then we in Denmark will go it alone.”

In England being transgender is stated by NHS England to be an endocrinological issue best ‘treated’ by their GP and with hormones initially and that it is not a mental health issue, though transgender people may also experience mental health issues.

Call me an old cynic, but in my financial career I was always taught to ‘follow the money’. Is it because so many people make a very good living (and career) out of treating transgender as a mental health issue, that it takes so long for what is so obvious to us transgender folk to be both official policy and the reality ‘on the ground’.

In 2014, a landmark ruling in Denmark allowed transgendered adults to legally choose their own gender identity without official medical approval. So when will the UK follow suit? We should be ashamed to not lead the world on this issue (amongst others).

Rant over. Thank you for bearing with me.



5 thoughts on “Shame on us, Denmark looks like becoming the first country to stop defining transgender as a mental illness.

  1. Its not classified as a disorder to being transgender in Canada either its just a symptom of dysphoria in the DSM in order to be looked up and treated with HRT which is completely covered in Canada including medication, breast implants and reductions as well as Gender reassignment surgery.

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    1. Interesting. So if one, as is true for many of us, suffers little or no dysphoria does that mean access to hormones is quite generally available? If so that’s wonderful. Here there are just a few doctors who will prescribe hormones without needing a psychiatric “diagnosis”.


  2. I could care less about the “WHO” or if people consider mental or a freak or less than a person. Welcome to the human race. Whatever the politicians want. The medical & mental health professionals are just as bad and biased. Go ahead and hate me because I am transgender, I could really care less! Some of us transgender people are pretty MILITANT and have no aversion to violence. Some of us are pretty good at it. The cis-gender people want war? Fair enough! Time to get busy on target studies!


  3. And then we have the USA – which is lagging even farther behind where you have to literally beg and go through months of psychiatric appts to even be granted a referral to another doctor who spends months doing a work up to maybe start HRT- SRS is even worse – and did I mentioned that almost none of it is covered by insurance?

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