If not now, when? Part 2

Lovely Deb Weller  left a comment to my last post that got me thinking and led to this post.

I am drawn to choosing a date for making my transition public; a formal point of ‘no return’. But when?

I had written before about being  out ‘to many’ by the Transgender day of Visibility 2017. That would be 9 months or so from now and I would have been on hormones for 15 months. By that time, I guess they will have given me whatever I am to get boob wise. I also need time for electrolysis to make an impact.

But coming out on my birthday is also attractive. September 20 2017 is when I would be starting my 70th year of life, but that feels much too far away. 21st December 2016 would mark a year on hormones and is the winter solstice, but is real near Christmas.. And September this year feels a bit close, being 4 months away. It does have its attractions though; as we move into winter, clothes start to include boots and jumpers and scarves, all comfortably  easy on the eye when worn by an emerging trans woman.

But in the end, I must take into account the wishes of my sweet wife as this action impacts her maybe more than me. I do have in mind next March and probably the equinox (spot a pattern?) as allowing sufficient time for folk to ‘get used to my changed appearance’, and will take a leaf out of Deb’s strategy and be increasingly female dressed and bejewelled. I am some way there already.

Thanks for the input Deb.


2 thoughts on “If not now, when? Part 2

  1. So .. first things first: I think you can expect booby growth to continue for 24-48 months depending on the dose of E that you’re on, and of course other factors such as genetics. One thing I’ve learned is that in my case, this older male body hasn’t been terribly quick to respond to the HRT regimen.

    I didn’t really say so, but waiting is getting more and more difficult. I advise you take that into your consideration of “when”.

    I picked the date I did because it was convenient, and it’s also about the time most of my laser hair removal will be complete. One of my biggest goal’s was to avoid the gross beard shadow… thus also avoiding heavy makeup each of every day. waiting 15nF so tough when you’ve got good reasons… I keep telling myself that, at any rate, 🙂

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  2. Ooh, this really is a heart over head matter. As soon as I read your comment I wanted to choose this September, but my head argues that its too soon if my strategy is to get folk used to me ‘en femme’.

    What do others think?


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