Oh lordy, won’t you bring me a nice pair of boobs?

It’s what all us girls want. Isn’t it?

After five months of E, I’ve got just the beginnings of some growth. I know that age is against me, but I am curious as to what I can do via diet and maybe exercise to give me the best chance of a full A cup, or even please, please, please a B.

The following comes from a number of web sources. I am no medic so can only apply some ‘common sense’ in selecting from sources that appear to be well documented and are not peddling some product or another. Sources are notated below.

boob2Both females and males develop breasts from the same embryological tissues. At puberty, oestrogen, in conjunction with growth hormone, cause breast development. Males do not develop pronounced or physiologically matured breasts because their bodies produce lower levels of oestrogen and higher levels of androgens, namely testosterone, which suppress the effects of oestrogen in developing breast tissue.Subcutaneous fat covers and envelops a network of ducts that converge to the nipple, and these tissues give the breast its size and shape.Up to 25% of women’s breasts display a persistent, visible breast asymmetry, which is defined as differing in size by at least one cup size.This is due to the left breast’s proximity to the heart, a greater number of arteries and veins, and a protective layer of fat surrounding the heart located beneath it. (Yep, I’ve noticed this) (1)

The secretion of testosterone is a suppressant to breast growth; the more testosterone a woman produces, the smaller her breasts will be. Foods that can help minimise the production of testosterone are garlic, chicken, whole grains, fenugreek, Saw Palmetto, apples, chickpeas, cherries, black eyed peas, and fennel seeds. On the flip side the “female” hormone oestrogen activates breast growth and the development of womanly curves. Apples, cherries, plums, beets, peppers, cucumbers, barley, rice, wheat, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, fennel seeds, parsley, and clover all contain oestrogen. (2)

Diet for Increasing Breast Size

Eat Enough Oestrogenic Foods. Excellent sources of natural oestrogen include: pumpkin, garlic, red beans and split peas, soy foods eggplant, flax seeds, pumpkin and squash.Testosterone diminishes breast growth, avoid carb rich foods such as chips, crackers, white rice and baked goods to help minimise testosterone production.
Have More Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Fruits and vegetables not only provide potent antioxidants, but also help regulate testosterone levels in the body. The anthocyanins and antioxidants help build health tissue and protect against damage from free radicals. Be sure to eat at least four servings a day and include blueberries and strawberries.
Try Soy. Soy products are high in isoflavones that can help the body increase its own oestrogen levels and promote breast growth. Soy products are also rich in protein and can help build and repair damaged tissues in the body.
Include Healthy Fats in Your Diet. Monounsaturated fats are the best choice for increasing breast size. Healthy fats are high in Omega-3 fatty acids and are beneficial for heart and brain health. Try to add olive oil, avocado, raw nuts and cold water fish into your diet.Walnuts, cashew, pecan, peanuts – are all good sources when you want bigger bust. Nuts are one of the foods to increase breast size naturally because it is a good source of fat and protein.Lean Meat. Protein is important when you want to have bigger bust. And there is no better way of getting it than by eating meat, lean meat in particular, to boost breast growth.
Herbs for Increasing Breast Size Fenugreek. The wonder of this herb is in a substance called diosgenin. This powerful substance stimulates breast tissue enhancement through a hormone like effect.Wild Yam. Either alone or in a synergistic combination with fenugreek, wild yam is known for enhancing the female breast. Besides, the phytonutrients also improves healthy breast tissue.Fennel. Women have used fennel for its’ oestrogen like compounds for centuries. This effect translates into increased breast size.
Anise Seed. This seed has several health benefits due to the oestrogen like properties it possesses. Medical research has noted these seeds are beneficial in stimulation lactation, treating infertility and improving the size and appearance of the female breast.(3)

My next steps I am certainly aiming to increase the amount of (good) fat in my diet plus ensuring a reasonable level of protein, after all I am seeking to build new tissue.  I welcome your comments and suggestions based on what may have worked for you.




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  2. http://idealbite.com/foods-that-increase-breast-size
  3. http://www.md-health.com/How-To-Increase-Breast-Size.html



3 thoughts on “Oh lordy, won’t you bring me a nice pair of boobs?

  1. I am well over a year now on estrogen (started on herbal estrogens, now on synthetic estradiol) and can only boast limited growth, alas. 😦 Unfortunately, according to the GIC clinicians, the chance of getting good growth without an endocrinologist’s support are very unlikely, and I still don’t have that help. I do hate to think I have sabotaged that aspect of my transition, but the thought of leaving my “T” unchecked is too abhorrent to me, even if I need to self-medicate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess many of us in the UK fear upsetting the GIC’s as they appear to hold the key to our transition. But on no other health issue would you have to wait more than a year for a first appointment then, as you report, another 6 months before being considered for hormones. Time to get angry.

      I understand boobs take between 2 and 4 years to grow fully (no surgeon will do a ‘boob job’ within the first 2 years for trans women as the breasts are still developing). So we both must ‘keep hoping’.

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  2. This made me smile. Not that it will be helpful, but no matter what, I promise that you will have bigger boobs than me. Breasts are highly over rated *wink* I get it though. I often feel less of a woman because of my flat chest. Some days it’s an issue and other days it just is. I know my situation is totally different but we are all connected. I will keep hoping for you too💜

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