Warning: Dysphoria

July 19 2016 And today the UK has Summer. In Oxfordshire, yesterday was sunny, tomorrow is forecast to be sunny too, but today it will be sunny and hot. 35 Centigrade. This is our summer, today, it never lasts for long.

And today I really fancy going out in a long silky dress, cool, floating in the light breeze that is forecast for this evening. Sipping English champagne, listening to music and the sounds of summer on a grassy bank near the Thames.

Instead, today, I look more male than ever before. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

Tomorrow will be another day, maybe I’ll see Antonia Michele when I look in the mirror. If not tomorrow, maybe the next day.I do believe life will get better. Its the only coping strategy I have for these times.

I generally avoid posting when I am feeling down. But today is just bad, one of a series of bad days. This month has been bad both personally and in the world. And I cannot help but be influenced by the bad things around, from Orlando to Brexit to whatever. And this blog really should reflect the reality of my life.

I am normally a happy soul. Normal service will be resumed soon.

Look after yourselves and those you love.





6 thoughts on “19/7/16

  1. Hey things will get better. I remember hugging my now son almost 4 years ago when he told me promising him we would get everyone sorted even though I had no idea how, guess what? We did it so hang in there x


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