Margot’s Story – All Of Us – YouTube

This video is a delight to view. I found Margot’s recounting of how she came out to others particularly interesting and I wonder if her tale chimes with you. I am really only out as transgender to my sweet wife and maybe one other; a few friends see me as a ‘cross dresser’ because when I started dressing that is what I thought I was.

Having started down this path I feel I am ready to come out generally but do find the prospect daunting. I can see some folks reacting badly. This week I start volunteering in an Oxfam shop and faced the challenge of having to give two references; only one of whom is aware that I like to be known as Michele, so I fudged it by choosing to be known as Toni as it is phonetically the same as Tony. If this is what I want, how come its so hard to go public?



Jeri’s Trans/LGBTQIA Queer Reflections From The City Different - Santa Fe, NM

From the good folks at Minus 18 in Australia comes Margot’s story.

Margot enjoys photography, filmmaking, art and design. Her cultural background is both Malaysian and Romanian and she grew up with the traditions of both the Jewish and Catholic faiths. Margot explains that being trans is about how you feel inside and see yourself.
‘All of Us’ is a ground-breaking educational resource created by Minus18 and Safe Schools Coalition Australia which will allow teachers in classrooms across Australia to discuss and support gender diversity and sexual diversity. The program has been developed to have a real impact on student attitudes towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people and to encourage whole school change that affirms and supports the right of all students, staff and families feel safe while at school.
Creative Director and Filmmaker – Margot Fink

Executive Producer – Chris Bush

Minus18 is Australia’s largest youth-led…

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2 thoughts on “Margot’s Story – All Of Us – YouTube

    1. Thanks for your support Isabella.

      Sometimes it feels easier to ‘let things remain as they are’, to ‘not rock the boat’, than to take the irrevocable step of being out in public. I know I need my sweet wife’s wholehearted support to do this as it affects her every bit as it does me and she needs and deserves more time. I know we need to talk more and if and when she is happy, to nail down a timescale. Scary times.xx

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