Naming revisited

I’ve been thinking a lot more about names, partly in reflection of my wife’s reluctance for me to change my name.

In my male form I am known by all as Tony (short for Anthony) and had intended to transition to Antonia Michele frankly preferring Michele over Antonia (Toni).

I then thought to Google to see if Tony is used as a girls name.

From babynamespedia I learn that Tony is indeed a girls name; the baby girl name Tony is also used as a boys name, with the latter form being far more popular. It is pronounced TOW-Niy- †. Tony’s origin is Latin, and its use, English. Tony is a familiar form of Antonia. says “Tony as a girls’ name is of Latin and English origin. Tony is an alternate spelling of Antoinette (French, Latin): French feminine variation of Antoine. Tony is also a variation of Antonia (Latin). Tony is also used as a derivative of Toni (English). Tony is a very prominent first name for women (#1544 out of 4276, Top 36%)  (2000 U.S. Census).

Tony has 1 masculine form: Anthony.

What does Tony mean? From Latin Priceless, Inestimable

I might just stay Tony (but NOT Anthony)






10 thoughts on “Naming revisited

  1. A girl I went to school with was called Tony. I don’t remember if it was with a y or an i, or indeed if it was short for anything. I’m pretty sure that was her full name, though.

    Best of luck with whichever name you do choose xx


      1. Thanks for the suggestion. I am pretty comfortable with being Toni/Tony as a girls name in that it implies that I have always been a girl, which is true even though I didn’t appreciate it. Michele though has the advantage of clearly stating that something has changed. Both Toni and Tony are girls names, the latter being less common, though in both cases there are more ‘famous’ males with each name than females. In a way Tony/Toni is phonetically at least a gender neutral name. I will keep pondering!


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