Do hormones ‘make a woman’?

This may seem like a weird question but in essence it seemed to be implied by one person commenting on my last post. He/she asked (and I’ll use ‘he’for reasons that will become clear) if I was advocating hormones as a ‘diagnostic’. The quick answer is ” certainly not”.

I will argue that our sense of our gender comes not from the hormones coursing through our bodies, but from our innate sense of self. I quoted Holly Berry and wrote “I know I am transgender because I chose to assert this identity and this way of expressing myself” I knew I was transgender before taking hormones; I know that I am a woman because in my mind the label “woman” and its general connotations align nicely with who I have become (or at least who I try to be), and applying it to myself feels good. My sense of being a woman is deepened and confirmed as the time since committing to and living openly as a woman lengthens; as each day, week, month passes the more certain I am.

There is good reason for the Gender Clinics in the UK requiring evidence that their trans women patients are living outwardly as women, having changed their names on various official documents and being out to employers etc. A woman is somebody who lives as a woman, a man is somebody who lives as a man. By living as a woman I have come to know that I am a woman beyond doubt. I do not believe that any shrink can determine whether or not I am a woman. You may have come across website that ask the question ‘are you transgender’ and then tell you, ‘yes you are’. Such sites may seem flippant but cis folk just don’t ask.

Hormones don’t make one a woman.


3 thoughts on “Do hormones ‘make a woman’?

  1. They most certainly do not. I spent two years with a shrink discussing, talking, and mostly using her guidance. It was me that came to the final conclusion that I was indeed a woman. Shrink herself never did say until after I said it. Then she simply confirmed it wondering what took me so long. As expensive as the sessions were I probably paid for her trip to Europe. Ha ha ha.

    That said I love taking hormones, they’re having a nice effect on me, and I would not give them up. But under no circumstances would I be a woman simply by taking the hormones.

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  2. A good question and something I have never really considered. No hormonrs will not ‘make’ a woman. They will only assist with the outward bodily appearance. It is within that you are a woman as you have so righly pointed out.

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