Reasons to be cheerful – Gratitude and Joyfulness

For so many there is a pervading sense that 2016 was an awful year. Like you I cannot understand how politics became so dirty, such that a democratic process is corrupted by outright lies (Brexit) ( The Donald); or quite why there is a powerful minority stoking the fires of hate.

But this is not what I want to focus on as we move into 2017. I want instead to look at what is great about these times and in particular the things that make my life so wonderful.

First, way out in front, is my darling wife. Despite all the stress I cause her, despite learning that the person she married some twenty years ago identifies as a woman. I know Β my coming out transgender caused her pain. I am sorry for that. And despite the pain, she continues to love me and to accept and support me. I am truly lucky. Lucky; such a small word, but one that conveys so very very much. Her love brings me immeasurable joy. I hope I show my love for her.

Second, I am so grateful for my good health and my sense of well-being. Good health is the best foundation on which to build a life and I have always been fortunate in enjoying good health. My sense of well being has been boosted since being on Oestrogen; my mood swings are less and I feel much happier. More oestrogen in my system seems to agree with me.

Thirdly I am lucky to have good friends and to be part of a great community in a country I love. I love volunteering in our Oxfam shop along with wonderful generous people, and being part of Thame Cinema and Thame Players (2 local community groups – you can guess what we do).

Fourthly I am lucky to have discovered a great doctor who specialises in helping transgender folk like me. Thanks to her I started hormones in December last year, probably 2 years before I would have been able to do so if I had waited for the lumbering Gender Clinic to go through their slow processes and give ‘permission’.

Lastly, I am grateful for you who read and comment on this blog and on my Twitter feed. Your support (and sometimes challenges) are really valued; you have helped me learn so much. Thank you.

So as we move inexorably into 2017, Happy New Year. May you find peace and happiness, and for those in transition, may everything you need fall into place.

See you ‘on the other side’. Welcome to 2017



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