Today I stand with my LGBT+ sisters and brothers

In a couple of hours the 45th President of The United States is sworn in and the world looks on in both horror and with a bated breath. Tomorrow maybe 500,000 women will march in the US capital, together with sister marches in 61 cities on all 7 continents with maybe another 1.5 million taking part.

Cells set up throughout the US and the UK and hundreds of other places are plotting local campaigns, from preventing the construction of oil pipelines to outlawing female genital mutilation. They will be based around the “guiding vision” of the Women’s March on issues such as the rights of immigrant, disabled and LGBTQIA women and female workers. (The Guardian )

Populist rhetoric had created a sense of urgency and desire for action, said Amnesty’s UK director, Kate Allen. “Human rights and women’s rights are hard won and at this critical time it is vital to stand together to celebrate our gains and against discrimination and division,” she said. “The politics of fear have no place in 2017.”

Since Trumps election there has been an upsurge in hate rhetoric and crime, just as we have experienced in the UK since the Brexit vote. Today we need to stand together. Trans rights, women’s rights, gay and lesbian rights are all Human Rights.

I am proud and happy to be a trans woman. I was born this way and I have the same right as you, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.



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