When Is Transition Over?

I love this guy and his clarity. This was my comment on his post:

“but who we are stays the same”. Exactly. I wish more trans folk would say this truth. I have always been a woman, I didn’t always know that I was a woman, I didn’t always live as a woman. But I have always been a woman.

Mid-Life Musings

We read articles, blog posts and see videos where people talk about being fully transitioned or “post op”.  This gets me thinking.  What is it they mean by fully transitioned or post op?  It feels like people use those two terms interchangeably.    People talk about how things will be when they are done transitioning.  I hear folks talk about “once I’ve transitioned”.  What does all this mean?  How do they know they’re done transitioning?  Do we get a certificate that states that our transition is complete and there’s nothing left to do?  Who gets to decide this?  Doctors?  Society?  The government?  Ourselves?  People ask us if we’ve had “the operation” like that’s some kind of testament to whether we’re fully transitioned and, like-wise, when we talk about being post-op, we buy into that whole notion that it takes an operation to fully transition.

Transitions are as unique as finger prints. …

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2 thoughts on “When Is Transition Over?

  1. I’ve been saying all along that I am more-or-less done with my social transition. This reflects only the externality; to me, there is no end-point, just as it seems is the case for this guy.

    Looks like I’ve got another blog to follow.

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